• Of A Woman Series

    I am incredibly grateful and honored to be the opening discussion on the Of A Women site, a series beautifully created by the women of Oh Holisticism and Lead Like Her.  Of A Woman is a multimedia interview series which shines a light on women sparking a paradigm shift in leadership, entrepreneurship + spirituality. Rituals, habits, learnings are shared and explored.
    Here is to more opening, hearing and listening! Even for I, reading the article was new! It’s a whole new day of being feminine bounty. The language may feel different, yet underneath we are all the same!
  • Jill Willard x Well Damn Podcast

    The other week Morgan Lynzi and I had a real chat on her podcast, Well Damn, to talk in depth about tapping into Intuition. We discussed why the future is Feminine and why that is inclusive to all – women + men.

    View on YouTube here or listen to the full interview on iTunes here.

    We are deep in planning, creating and sharing simple tools to help you stay connected to your Intuition. Thank you for your continued support of Intuitive Being. We cherish your feedback and look forward to sharing much more in the coming months. 

  • Golden Rays of Wisdom

    Recorded last Fall, listen as Kalika Joy Nacion Yap + I discuss much of what is happening in real time, the journey to discovering intuition and how everyone can use intuition as a golden guide! Thank you EO + Kalika.


  • Our Feeling Free


    We hear a lot about it. Do we vibrate it within? What are some tools to get us to the road to evenness, to the blank slate of the mind and the wide open, vast space of the heart. I offer three very simple free tools to begin with. Plus rest of course.

    1. Stretching – This can be done formally or informally. In yoga, our living rooms, or getting out of our car, plane, bed or workday.
    1. Meditation or 10 minutes of quiet time – amazing results happen here…see it to believe it!
    1. True Earth in our Belly – what is often an uncomfortable thought, an irritation or a tired body (or sluggish hormones) is really just being plain ole hungry. Or very possibly starving for nutrients. Putting earth in ourselves (water, naturally colored foods, minerals) or at least remembering they are made to go in us, instead of sugar, refinement and unnaturally made coloring or additions, can move moody mountains. Remember to focus on what is going on within, instead of what is going on with out.
  • The Power of the Creator in Us All

    Creativity is in our feminine side. For us all. This joy and this quality of inventing, creating some thing is in each of us no matter gender or social creed. If we wish to be seen and heard, an authentic creation is always the way to go. We are all authentic creations by nature.

    We often forget this.

    Our society has created a linear thinking reliance. That the “creation” of money is value enough. Currency is a vibration between things. If this is what we are focused on “creating” we are not really creating. We feel depleted, between, ‘stuck”, unvaluable instead of in-valuable and we suffer.

    Expression from the place of creation and emotional authenticity (all in our feminine side of our self) creates not only golden opportunities yet whole, peaceful feeling between humans and within humans.   We are selling more illusion than ever. Selling our true creation for more capacity and growth of illusion.

    Let us create truth…and powerful evolution.

  • Joyful Happy Clear Birth

    Many have asked about birthing and how to own our feminine bodies before, during, and after childbirth.

    It is a beautiful notion to know our physical bodies are made to not only birth, but to heal. Quite an empowering thought that our body may do this without our overthinking, or overdoing. To get to this centering clarity, I offer three thoughts.

    One. Our bodies are meant to do this and without “other” or intervention.

    Two. Intervention is wonderful when needed, but possibly redefine what we “need” for childbirth (including the notion of control), and what our bodies “need” to heal (predominantly rest, nurture, and clear water and earthly foods).

    Three. Reminding our selves that our intuition is in our gut/stomach/heart region and the signal for our intuition is in the front of our brain near the space we call our brow or forehead…no other part of the thinking “mind” is needed. Happy Birth and Rebirthing.

  • Be Kind

    Hello & thank you for checking our site! We are glad to share this space and time with you. Today we are in a year of much transition and pace, and letting go is needed, whether we acknowledge this state or not. It can feel fast and at times unkind. And kindness heals. So let’s turn around this current experience into a state of balance and clarity.

    Let’s bring in our intuition, our kindness to self, & kindness to others. Let’s be more open and honest. Many ask how to do this. A beginning one, two, three punch that has served as the open door for many is what we call Unleashing The Kindness; to ourselves, to others, to the universe. Others call it linking up to our Spirit or to the Soul, to the higher self…to God, to Light, to Universal Truth & Love…to the Guides.

    Here are the recipe: It is a mantra or a prayer. This to be said out loud or in quiet space. Open Forgive Gratitude Reciting, repeating, and breathing these three words can help create a small (or large) space for shift. It’s an energetic, karmic, & proven fact of quantum physics. We become what we say to ourselves. And the universe (or chance) rises to meet us. Open our chakras or energy centers, open our past, co create our future. Forgive ourselves and others. For everything. This might take time and work. It’s energy well spent. With gratitude.

    Remembering our gifts, our souls calling and with our kind action comes kind results. And that kindness heals. Next Blog: The root of all. The First chakra and how to reroot for new experience.