The Power of the Creator in Us All

Creativity is in our feminine side. For us all. This joy and this quality of inventing, creating some thing is in each of us no matter gender or social creed. If we wish to be seen and heard, an authentic creation is always the way to go. We are all authentic creations by nature.

We often forget this.

Our society has created a linear thinking reliance. That the “creation” of money is value enough. Currency is a vibration between things. If this is what we are focused on “creating” we are not really creating. We feel depleted, between, ‘stuck”, unvaluable instead of in-valuable and we suffer.

Expression from the place of creation and emotional authenticity (all in our feminine side of our self) creates not only golden opportunities yet whole, peaceful feeling between humans and within humans.   We are selling more illusion than ever. Selling our true creation for more capacity and growth of illusion.

Let us create truth…and powerful evolution.

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