Our Feeling Free


We hear a lot about it. Do we vibrate it within? What are some tools to get us to the road to evenness, to the blank slate of the mind and the wide open, vast space of the heart. I offer three very simple free tools to begin with. Plus rest of course.

  1. Stretching – This can be done formally or informally. In yoga, our living rooms, or getting out of our car, plane, bed or workday.
  1. Meditation or 10 minutes of quiet time – amazing results happen here…see it to believe it!
  1. True Earth in our Belly – what is often an uncomfortable thought, an irritation or a tired body (or sluggish hormones) is really just being plain ole hungry. Or very possibly starving for nutrients. Putting earth in ourselves (water, naturally colored foods, minerals) or at least remembering they are made to go in us, instead of sugar, refinement and unnaturally made coloring or additions, can move moody mountains. Remember to focus on what is going on within, instead of what is going on with out.

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