Joyful Happy Clear Birth

Many have asked about birthing and how to own our feminine bodies before, during, and after childbirth.

It is a beautiful notion to know our physical bodies are made to not only birth, but to heal. Quite an empowering thought that our body may do this without our overthinking, or overdoing. To get to this centering clarity, I offer three thoughts.

One. Our bodies are meant to do this and without “other” or intervention.

Two. Intervention is wonderful when needed, but possibly redefine what we “need” for childbirth (including the notion of control), and what our bodies “need” to heal (predominantly rest, nurture, and clear water and earthly foods).

Three. Reminding our selves that our intuition is in our gut/stomach/heart region and the signal for our intuition is in the front of our brain near the space we call our brow or forehead…no other part of the thinking “mind” is needed. Happy Birth and Rebirthing.

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