Be Kind

Hello & thank you for checking our site! We are glad to share this space and time with you. Today we are in a year of much transition and pace, and letting go is needed, whether we acknowledge this state or not. It can feel fast and at times unkind. And kindness heals. So let’s turn around this current experience into a state of balance and clarity.

Let’s bring in our intuition, our kindness to self, & kindness to others. Let’s be more open and honest. Many ask how to do this. A beginning one, two, three punch that has served as the open door for many is what we call Unleashing The Kindness; to ourselves, to others, to the universe. Others call it linking up to our Spirit or to the Soul, to the higher self…to God, to Light, to Universal Truth & Love…to the Guides.

Here are the recipe: It is a mantra or a prayer. This to be said out loud or in quiet space. Open Forgive Gratitude Reciting, repeating, and breathing these three words can help create a small (or large) space for shift. It’s an energetic, karmic, & proven fact of quantum physics. We become what we say to ourselves. And the universe (or chance) rises to meet us. Open our chakras or energy centers, open our past, co create our future. Forgive ourselves and others. For everything. This might take time and work. It’s energy well spent. With gratitude.

Remembering our gifts, our souls calling and with our kind action comes kind results. And that kindness heals. Next Blog: The root of all. The First chakra and how to reroot for new experience.

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